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The first instalment of the lapidary area has to be the home made equipment I use to cut stone. I encourage anybody with a D.I.Y. bent to have a go - this isn't rocket science! A few
simple safety precautions like keeping electrics dry and belts covered will yield perfectly capable equipment for a lot less than new commercial alternatives. Of course if you can afford new
or find good second hand gear then go for it - more time to play with the rock.

My gear isn't pretty but it does work well and has enabled me to pursue first my hobby and more recently my business. One word of warning - work it out first, it isn't necessarily cheaper to
build it yourself - my flat lap probably cost more than a cheap new one -but I think it is better, and the 1 1/2 inch thick lap plate will last several life times!

Home made equipment:- Tumbler, Grinder, Sander/Polisher and Flat Lap.

Any comments, suggestions, questions or details of other
relevant sites please email me